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UK social workers attack

"this is ridiculous. a police van and unmarked police car outside preparing to protect (kidnap) a baby from risk of emotional harm in the future. i wish i had a camera"

"the social worker was making strange hand gestures at me while trying to persuade us to hand over our baby. i swatted her hand away as if it was an annoying fly. the policeman claimed it was assault but failed to charge me because they don't want this in a criminal court with a jury."
"this is where they dangle our kidnapped baby in front of us and we have to jump through all their hoops with the hope of getting our baby back. with our eldest 2 we did everything they asked of us and lost because no one can prove or disprove the existence of emotional harm in the future. my contact was stopped with my youngest daughter kidnapped last year, because i stood up in the pretend court and gave the pretend judge a piece of my mind. he didn't like it and banned me from having contact with my daughter. this time i'm not going to play their games. i love all my children equally and i will probably come across as being cold and uncaring by not playing along with the ss/family division criminal bullshit. i know the outcome of the family court case, they all have a champagne party at the pretend judges' house"

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1. Boris Tanusheff (site web) 07/12/2014

L’écran vide de cette vidéo est la preuve tangible que les SS ne connaissent pas de limite quand ils attaquent. Malheureusement pour eux, la vérité éclate toujours. Suivez le lien pour regarder la vidéo supprimée :

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